Welcome to Marietta Firewood

We deliver firewood to your home.

Wood fires give your home a special warmth and coziness that is simply unattainable with central heating. By using wood instead of house-wide heating, you can keep the parts of your home warm that need to be warm, and avoid wasting resources on rooms that aren't being used.

Relax. Leave the wood gathering to us.

Let us equip you for an enjoyable winter with a full cord of seasoned hardwoods. Instead of going out again and again to buy those teeny bundles at the grocery store that only burn for two hours, just make one call and get set up for the next three months. You need to be relaxing in front of the fire, not scrambling around to find fuel for it!

To order, just pick up the phone and call (678) 698-7803.


Need tree work?

Visit our sister site, TreeProfessional.com, for quality tree work at affordable prices.
Avoid the microbundle.

 It's tempting to just buy wood at the grocery store, or at the gas station. Those little bundles are pretty cheap, right?

Not really.

Those little bundles are over three times as expensive in the long run. Plus, you have to haul them around day after day.

That's not a great idea.

We'd like you to relax in front of your fireplace. Let us do the foraging.

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